Numer6 wants to shout-out some of the amazing people that have helped make everything you see possible!

Summer Collection (2011)

-Akbar Ahmad is the modern Renaissance Man. A photographer, graphic designer, musician, soccer player and civil engineer…we are probably missing some other stuff too. Ack is responsible for the beautiful photos on the site. Check him out on:

Models (a.k.a our amazing friends)
-Gloria B.
Is a gem. Always good vibes and so beautiful from the inside out. She is a sculpture/installation graduate from the Ontario College of Art & Design. Please see what she is up to:

-Leeay (Rie) A.
Is one of the most talented women we know! Leeay has the best heart and just spreads joy and art wherever she goes, be it Spain, Turkey, Peru... the list goes on. Everything you need to know:

-Marya Q.-
Has always been there for us and is the first to lend a helping hand, so we grabbed it and put her in front of the camera. She has a Masters of Science in Education and can make your kids eat their vegetables with just one word…. she is that good.

A Patron of the Arts:
When Adrien Gough saw a bead collection at an antique shop last summer, he could not settle for only 5-10 beads. He purchased the whole collection of about 2000 rare beads and donated it to Numero Seis. Thank you very much Mr. Gough!!!!

Quick Props:
-Laura Lacayo for your brainy formulas and for being a loyal supporter.
-Linda Lightbody for your “project management” advice.
-Trish Güt for sewing up all that fabric into pouches.
-Keli Maksud for being our personal editor.