Our Story

It all started in apartment No 6. We needed something to cure our winter blues.
An annual sale at Ale’s work place was what catapulted us to start putting materials together. At first, it was simple feather pieces with vintage buttons. Nothing big, no plans, no intention.

We noticed that friends liked what we were doing, that strangers liked what we were doing and hey, we liked what we were doing!

Our love for the old and new and our sensibility to materials and forgotten items pushed us into creating these pieces. We realized we found something special when we combined our forces.

So, after many trials and errors, late nights, laughter fits and disagreements Alejandra Porta and Pamela Martinez are proud to present: Numer6

We provide limited run and one of a kind accessories. All our work is hand assembled and crafted with selected material that have been reclaimed from different parts of the world. We believe that everybody deserves to have beautiful and unique items and our goal is to make Numero Seis accessible to all women.

Thank you all for your support!

Ale & Pame